Comedy Bootcamp: The Documentary is as real and raw as it is heartwarming and humorous.

WHRO Public Media's original production follows the newest class of veteran comedians as they learn to use humor as a way to share their journeys and connect their stories to others. Through the Comedy Bootcamp program, the participants attended weekly classes led by professional stand-up comedians designed to help the individuals of the military community develop their performing and writing skills. With a concluding White House performance, the participants share their stories of resilience, hope and humor.

Today, less than one percent of Americans has served in the military, a significant decrease from 17 percent who served in World War II. As fewer civilians have friends or family in the armed services, it is difficult to understand the journey our veterans have faced. This documentary is inspired by veterans, service members and their families who have lived through some of life’s greatest challenges.

This project has been supported by the Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP), an organization that empowers veterans and military families to thrive in their communities through arts classes and performances.